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Supporting Someone that has Experienced a Stillbirth

No matter what your relationship is to the grieving parent(s), thank you for visiting this page. You care enough to learn how you can be supportive. Here you will find guidance on what to say and what not to say based on your relationship to the parent(s). In addition, tips for what to do and what not to do are listed. If you inadvertently say or do something in a way that was unintended, it’s okay. You’re human. Apologize and continue to be the caring person that you are.

Supporting a Loved One

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The authors acknowledge that parents relate to a spectrum of diverse gender identities and that birthing people may not identify as women or mothers. In addition, the term “parents” may not accurately reflect each family’s unique identity. Attempts were made to use gender-inclusive and inclusive parenting language in the materials found on this website. In some instances, however, in an effort to be succinct, terms  like “mother” (and related pronouns “she” and “her”) have been used.