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Currently Pregnant or Planning a Pregnancy?

Content warning:  facts about stillbirth and your risk

As the name of the website and awareness campaign states, Stillbirth Can Happen to Any Pregnancy. Whether it is your first pregnancy or you’ve been pregnant before, all pregnancies have a baseline risk even if you feel healthy and do everything “right”.

Planning Pregnancy or Currently Pregnant

Learn about some of the steps you can take to have a healthy pregnancy, reducing your risk of stillbirth, communicating with your healthcare provider, and genetic counseling resources if desired or indicated by your health or family history.

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Communicate with your Healthcare Provider

It is important to communicate with your doctor/midwife/nurse about your questions and concerns. Many people don’t want to “bother” their provider. It is true that some questions can wait until your next appointment. Other concerns such as your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and decreased or lack of fetal movement cannot wait. Read on for more details.


Dietary Do’s and Don’ts

Stillbirth: Can Happen To Any Pregnancy - White Icon

The list includes things you should and definitely should not eat and the reasons why.

Do’s and Dont’s

Get Plenty of Rest

Stillbirth: Can Happen To Any Pregnancy - White Icon

Early pregnancy may bring new fatigue and more sleep. Late pregnancy may bring difficulty sleeping as your baby grows. Get tips on ways other than sleep to help you rest.

Plenty of Rest
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Genetic Counseling Resources

Genetic counseling may be indicated based on your or your partner’s medical history. Family history is also to be considered. Here you will find contact information for genetic counseling resources in New Jersey.

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Know your Baby

Just like many adults and children have consistent routines and schedules from day to day, most babies move at certain times of the day or after eating, etc.  Learning your baby’s patterns and being aware of his or her movements is one of the most important things you can do to identify when something might be wrong and communicate that to your healthcare provider.

Know your Baby

Risk Factors for Stillbirth

As the title of the program states–stillbirth can happen to any pregnancy. Every pregnancy at or beyond 20 weeks is at risk. Common risk factors are listed, but talking with your healthcare provider is essential to understanding how your risk factors will be addressed during your pregnancy.

Risk Factors for Stillbirth

Healthy Habits

Learn about preparing for pregnancy and things to avoid during pregnancy

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Reducing Your Risk –Healthy Pregnancy Tips

Learn how to possibly reduce your risk of stillbirth

Reducing Risk

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The authors acknowledge that parents relate to a spectrum of diverse gender identities and that birthing people may not identify as women or mothers. In addition, the term “parents” may not accurately reflect each family’s unique identity. Attempts were made to use gender-inclusive and inclusive parenting language in the materials found on this website. In some instances, however, in an effort to be succinct, terms  like “mother” (and related pronouns “she” and “her”) have been used.