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Grieving Parents

No one should have to say goodbye to their beloved baby. No one. We hope that this information will help you navigate your hospitalization, birth, and the beginning of your very personal grief journey. Grief is not a process of forgetting, it is a process of remembering.

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Dear Parents

A message to parents

Dear Parents

If you are not in labor or experiencing an urgent health issue

You may want to go home before going to the hospital or you may want to or need to go directly there. Discuss your options with your doctor or midwife.


What happened?

The first minutes and hours after learning of your baby’s death may be a blur of words, emotions, and activities. Learn how your healthcare team will support your probable desire to understand the reason(s) for your loss.

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Planning Your Hospital Stay

These tools outline some of your options for labor, birth, and making memories with your baby.

Bereavement Photographers

Contact information for experienced photographers

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Trying to Find a Reason

Your doctor or midwife will discuss the options available to you when trying to find a reason for your baby’s death. Some of the options described may not be appropriate in all situations.

Genetic Counseling Resources

Genetic counseling may be indicated based on your or your partner’s medical history. Family history is also to be considered. Here you will find contact information for genetic counseling resources in New Jersey.

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Going Home- What happens next?

What happens next?

Books for Grieving Parents and Children

Top recommendations for books for parents and children as well as a comprehensive list of book resources can be found here.

Top Recommendations for Parents

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Top Recommendations for Children

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Comprehensive List for Parents & Children

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Support Organizations and Resources

Resources for most parents as well as resources that cater to specific groups (such as mothers, fathers, and teachers) are listed here.


Support Groups

Perinatal Loss and Pregnancy after Loss

Additional Resources for Parents

A resource for creating a personal birth plan and financial resources for burial and/or cremation are listed here.

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Download Comprehensive Packet: Grieving Parents

Click the corresponding button below to download a PDF with all of the information from the PDFs on this page. We offer this comprehensive document in English, Tagalog, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean.

The authors acknowledge that parents relate to a spectrum of diverse gender identities and that birthing people may not identify as women or mothers. In addition, the term “parents” may not accurately reflect each family’s unique identity. Attempts were made to use gender-inclusive and inclusive parenting language in the materials found on this website. In some instances, however, in an effort to be succinct, terms  like “mother” (and related pronouns “she” and “her”) have been used.